Welcome to Nudge!

As you’ve probably gathered, our whole process is really all in our name: Nudge.


Based out of Lindon, UT, Nudge aims to provide its clients with single-family, owner-occupied, and investment properties, as well as a variety of top-notch real estate services. From quality real estate investment education, to the purchasing of assets in rising markets across the country, all of us here at Nudge continually seek to bring quality experience, quality help, and quality product to each of our clients. Here at Nudge, if the customer isn’t satisfied, then neither are we. We are a Utah-based company with agents and brokers offering owner-occupied properties right here in our home state, but Nudge is not just a Utah real estate company. Nudge does business in several different top-performing markets throughout the country as well, providing investment assets within those markets to everyone we work with.


We enjoy helping those people that are looking for a little Nudge towards financial stability and personal freedom. We know through personal experience that real estate is one of the most secure forms of investment. Of course there are risks to all things in life, but investing in real estate is the opportunity of putting your money into a tangible investment that can never be erased. A piece of land will last you through your financial planning, your retirement, and is something you can pass down to your children.


It’s time to let us NUDGE you in the right direction. Call us today to get all of your questions answered.

Have a question? We’re here to help you with your real estate investment needs.

What We Do

Many people don’t realize how far their money can take them once it’s been taken out of a low-interest savings account and invested in an industry that has proven time-and-time again as a positive
investment, if done right.


We strive to provide the ultimate experience to any and all we work with, including our employees and independent contractors. Nudge brings all of the resources you’re looking for as a real estate investor under one roof, and provides premium real estate education and real estate assets that are made available to buy for each of our customers. With a variety of different asset options, Nudge simplifies the process of you finding your ideal investment property. This way, we’re able to help you to the best of our ability—while saving you the trouble of running to-and-fro looking for who can help you on your next step in real estate.


All anyone needs to become an investor are three basic things: education from a trusted source, a pre-qualified investment that has been through a rigorous due diligence check, and a mentor. Luckily for you, that’s our specialty.

Our Motto
Our motto is simple, and is the driving force behind all we do:

The customer is our greatest asset. It doesn’t matter what form of real estate investing you’re looking to get involved with, our dedicated team is going to help you find the area and asset that is right for you and your financial needs. Our staff is experienced, educated, and fully engaged in serving our number one focus: YOU.

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Our Team

At Nudge, we believe that if our employees are happy and thriving those same qualities are transferred to our clients. By having a successful team, we then have successful clients. We couldn’t do it without the quality people who work here.


Nudge’s team is made up of individual’s with expertise and drive, who continually strive for success and quality performance in the workplace. This mentality not only helps to maintain the company’s strong relationship with its clients, but also creates an atmosphere and culture at Nudge where those working here can thrive and excel in their specific roles. At Nudge, each employee is a key player and a valuable piece in what keeps the machine of our company maintained and moving forward. What makes Nudge a great place to work are all of the people here that make it happen. And, as one of Utah’s fastest growing companies, we’re always adding more to our valuable team!

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So, What's In The Name?

Why Nudge?

To nudge means to gently push along, or to motivate. Here at Nudge, no matter your background in real estate, we help you to move forward with your real estate experience. We encourage, prod, and help push you toward your financial goals of fulfillment and success. We are here to give you a Nudge in the right direction.

At Nudge you not only find opportunities for education and asset purchasing, but also protection for whatever it is you buy. We understand that investing can be a scary endeavor, which is why we assist you in finding the right professionals to help you obtain business entity setup for whatever investment it is you choose.

 Everything we do is driven to protecting and empowering your experience as our customer and client.

Welcome, to Nudge.