Nudge strives to improve ourselves and the surrounding community. We focus our efforts towards our monthly Day of Service, where we send groups of employees to various organized service projects for part of the day. We enjoy serving at projects that are hosted by reputable organizations that sincerely address needs of the community.

If you have a project you would like Nudge to be involved with, please send a one page document including the following items; Name, Address, Website, Email, Phone Number and Tax Status of the Organization.

Details on the Event including: Date, Time, Location, How the Event is being Promoted, Number of Participants Expected, Activities, etc.

Details on the Type of Donation: Volunteers, Swag, Cash and how the donation will be used.

List any Advertising that will be provided to Nudge.

Our Community Outreach Committee meets biannually in January and June to evaluate our current service endeavors and consider new community service opportunities. If you know of an organization you believe we would be interested in contributing to, please submit the information listed above to [email protected]. Requests will be reviewed at our biannual meeting.



We have the honor of sponsoring Brigham Young University. This university encourages success on every level: educational, social, and spiritual. We have had the opportunity to become a Founder of the Marriot School Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology and sponsoring the 2013, 2014, and 2015 White Out Football Games. We are thrilled to be a part of BYU and cannot wait to see what we can do in the future.


We have partnered with the Utah Valley University of Orem, Utah. Their university quality education with the intimate college feel drew us in. We partnered with their Career Development Center. With this status we have been able to donate to the book scholarship fund and advertise on campus for students to apply for a job with us. We are also sponsoring their Pink with a Purpose games, a breast cancer awareness program. Each new opportunity to participate at UVU excites us and we look forward to what the future brings.


Nudge is a proud to partner with United Way. United Way’s mission of Give, Advocate and Volunteer fits right in with our goal to be a force for good in our community. United Way is the link from Nudge to other organizations where we send volunteers for our monthly Day of Service. Some of our favorite events with United Way include the annual Day of Service and Sub4Santa. On the Day of Service, we send employee volunteers to join dozens of other companies in a day dedicated to promoting literacy in the community. On this day, our employees have volunteered at local schools doing reading activities. Also, during the Christmas season we sponsor United Way’s Sub4Santa program to help local families have a special Christmas. We love being a part of the United Way family and can’t wait for more opportunities to serve around the community.


Clear Horizons Academy is a non-profit school for Autistic children. Clear Horizons strives to give these kids as much help as they need, so they can one day attend a mainstream school without any major hiccups along the way. Clear Horizons focuses on not just their students, but they make sure that their employees have the best training possible. They also facilitate the training of parents on how to best teach their children. The teachers and staff often clean the facilities themselves because they are non-profit organization and cannot hire outside help. We recognized the need and decided to fill it. Since July of 2013 we have regularly come into Clear Horizons to help tidy up. We clean anything and everything with a smile from desks to toys to floors. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to volunteer at Clear Horizons so habitually.

Habitat for Humanity

We love the mission of Habitat for Humanity, so we decided to be a part of it. Habitat for Humanity builds affordable homes for low-income, hard-working families. Nudge supports these efforts by sponsoring different building projects and by sending volunteers all throughout the year to help build on the construction sites. We love serving with Habitat for Humanity because we feel that our efforts are truly making a difference in the lives of local families. We are excited to continue serving alongside Habitat for Humanity.


The American Red Cross hosts blood drives all around the country. Their mission is to collect blood to save lives. Each donor donates about a pint of blood, and with that blood Red Cross can distribute to three individual people, ultimately saving three lives. The process of saving those lives is very extensive, considering all of the tests that they must perform to ensure that the blood is safe to donate.

The American Red Cross has set up several blood drives in our building, and we have had several opportunities to help with the first step of this process. We love to host these drives because on each occasion our employees have exceeded Red Cross’s expectations as well as our own. We feel extremely privileged to employ individuals who rise to the occasion, willing to give of their time to donate blood and save lives.

Sound like your kind of company?


The Salvation Army has many programs in place all over the world to succor the human race. They provide services such as job training, Christmas aid, ministry within the prisons, natural disaster relief, and managing soup kitchens and homeless shelters to name a few.

We wanted to give back to the 2011 tornado survivors of Alabama because some of our employees had been in Alabama during the disaster. We partnered with the Salvation Army, and they helped us find families in need. With the help of generous donations from our customers and employees we were able to donate a home to two families in Alabama. We gave a home to single mother, Ramion Brown, and her son, Damari. After the tornado they were left homeless, and Ramion had to put her education on hold trying to get back on her feet. We also gave a home to the Yelders, a family with four children that had endured hardship including the homelessness after the tornado and the death of a child. Both families were speechless and grateful for their new homes. We are grateful to the Salvation Army for helping us put this service together.


The Special Olympics provides programs for individuals with mental disabilities to have the opportunity to participate in sporting events. Special Olympics holds events all around the world and has inspired millions. They strive to encourage every special needs child and adult to physically reach their potential and exercise courage by participating in a sport they would not have participated in initially. We have added our efforts to theirs by volunteering at their local events helping with scoreboards and competitions. Although the events award athletes based on performance, we love to be involved with the Special Olympics because with them, everyone is a winner.


We have attended the Utah Food Bank on several occasions. We send large groups of employees each time, and each time they come back with a good report of their experience. Often we spend our time unloading pallets, stocking shelves, preparing carts for the storefront, and sweeping and vacuuming floors. We are so blessed to be affiliated with the Utah Food Bank. Their mission to help families in need while encouraging self-reliance inspires us all as the purest kind of service.


Wounded Warrior is an organization focused on facilitating the success of returned military men and women. When an individual returns to the States after duty they struggle in copious ways. Many return with injuries that make it difficult to find employment. Many discover they have serious depression or PTSD upon arrival home. Wounded Warrior has many programs in place to help make the transition to home life smoother. Programs from mental health treatment to sports leagues to job training and locating employment help these deserving veterans.

We had the opportunity in the spring of 2013 to work with Flipping Vegas’ Scott Yancey to buy, renovate, and donate a home to Spc. Blaine Sullivan, a wounded warrior. While serving in Afghanistan, Sullivan was hit by an explosive which injured his right leg so badly that after many surgeries, the medical professionals decided to amputate. Sullivan arrived at the house expecting to put in an offer, but he discovered upon arrival that it was already paid in full. He received this gift humbly and graciously. This was an unforgettable experience for us to give back to an individual who gave so much to our country.


Being good corporate citizens doesn’t just mean giving back, we know it means conducting business in a way that builds the community and our nation. Our economy thrives when businesses deliver valuable products and services that solve problems, and provide convenience and financial advantages to the purchaser. We are committed to conducting business in an ethical, appropriate, and honest way and committed to abiding by not only the federal and all local advertising and sales guidelines, but upholding industry standard best practices to ensure our clients have an amazing and successful interaction with us.

Nudge is committed to performing every service we provide to our clients with integrity, good character, and the highest values.


Committed to acting as a good corporate citizen in the market place and contributing to a health and growing economy ensuring our clients have a straight forward and honest interaction with us in every aspect of our interactions.