12 Dec Nudge Honors Local Teachers

Although our business is in teaching our clients how to make money in real estate, we have also made it our business to be a force for good in our local community.  One way that we strive to reach our goal is positive involvement in the local high schools.  One of our favorite times of the month is when we do our teacher recognitions.  Based on nominations from their peers, we usually recognize two teachers or faculty members at each high school for turning a seemingly ordinary job into something extraordinary.  We always meet inspiring individuals just doing their part to better the lives of their students and their coworkers.  Here are the outstanding people we honored this month.

American Fork High School:

Bree Toone: Counselor

Glen Vawdrey: Head Custodian

Jeri Kelley: Social Studies Teacher

Mountain View High School:

Jennifer Thurstron: Math Teacher

Nancy Kelley: Hearing Impaired Instructor

Orem High School:

Amy Kutsulis: Spanish Teacher

Kim Lowe: School Nurse

Pleasant Grove High School:

Linda Parry: Payroll Secretary

Teresa Hatch: Parking Attendant/Custodian

Polaris High School:

Robbie Butler: Study Skills Aide

Summit High School:

Jen Bell: Financial Secretary

Stacy Goulding: Heath Science/PE Teacher

Timpanogos High School:

Betty Lemley: Special Education Secretary

Kristi Vander Wilt: Math Teacher


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Lehi High School main

04 Dec A Week of Learning and Teaching: Nudge Book Club and Lehi High School

We had two important things happen for Nudge this week. The first was office book club. For book club we usually choose a book we think will benefit office culture. This time we choose to read The How of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky‎, because who doesn’t want to be happier? This week employees who took up the challenge to read the book attended a book club discussion led by Phil Smith, a Nudge executive. Phil led an insightful discussion that expanded the ideas from the book of how to become happier. As a sign of appreciation to those who attended, everyone walked away with a gift card to The Happy Sumo. Thank you to everyone who participated in book club, and we hope to see you back for the next book club.

Teaching at Lehi High School was the second exciting thing that occurred this week. We have had many opportunities to teach interviewing skills at local high schools over the past couple years. This was the first time we came into Lehi High School. We sent a Nudge representative over to Lehi High to teach interviewing skills to the students. This was a great opportunity for us to help students gain and improve the skills necessary to obtain a job. Thank you to Lehi High School for allowing us this opportunity, and we look forward to future interaction with your amazing students!

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Thanksgiving Main 2

25 Nov We Are Thankful For…

With Thanksgiving this week, we wanted to take an opportunity to express our gratitude for the many great blessings we have enjoyed this year.

  • We are grateful for the amazing employees that work for Nudge. We appreciate the dedicated managers who direct their teams to work together and collaborate to provide our clients with the best experience.
  • We are grateful for our loyal clients who trust our training and use it to improve their financial situation.
  • We are grateful to live in the United States of America with a free market system that allows us to build our business.
  • We are grateful for our association with the many organizations around Utah Valley that provide us with opportunities to serve.
  • This month we are especially grateful for the opportunity we had to sponsor the Ride2Recovery event on November 5th.
  • We are grateful for our involvement in the local universities and high schools. Often we have the opportunity to teach interviewing skills, honor teachers and faculty, and sponsor sporting events.


With the holidays approaching it becomes extremely easy to get caught up in the rush of endless Christmas shopping, holiday traffic, and the stress of planning special events.  Let us all keep the tradition of gratitude found in Thanksgiving throughout the entire holiday.

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Summit Teaching edited

19 Nov Nudge’s Community Involvement

Nudge’s community action team was all over the valley this week teaching in classrooms, accepting recognitions, and sponsoring Utah Valley University.  Here are the highlights from Nudge this week:

  • We had the privilege to teach interviewing skills at Summit High School on Monday. On Thursday we returned with a team of Nudge volunteers to help the students practice these skills in mock interviews.  We are so humbled every time we associate with the students and faculty of Summit High School.  The students that attend Summit come from difficult backgrounds that make education challenging.  We were impressed by their drive for success despite their difficult circumstances.  We are grateful for any opportunity we have to help and coach these students towards success!
  • Back in September we participated in the United Way Day of Caring. We sent 40 employees to join the ranks with almost twenty other local companies to serve around Utah Valley.  This week United Way recognized Nudge for our participation in the Day of Caring by presenting us with a watercolor painting of our new building.  We are so grateful for our association with United Way and look forward to future projects.
  • Wednesday was the Utah Valley University Athletics Sponsorship Day. UVU invited us and all their other sponsors to set up a booth on campus.  We used this as recruiting event.  We talked to the students about job opportunities and collected information for possible new hires.  Thank you to UVU for this opportunity; we were impressed by the professionalism of the students.


To all those who volunteered this week:  Thank you so much!  We realize that as the holidays are approaching, we all become busier and busier.  Thank you for making time to help others despite this busy time of year.

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Scholarship Announcement

12 Nov Nudge Scholarship Opportunity

Since Nudge is an education company, we like to help further education in the local community.  Last year Nudge awarded scholarships to 6 outstanding seniors from Alpine School District.  We are starting early this school year to find brilliant local students to award scholarships.

If you are graduating in the year 2016, listen up!  Nudge is offering a $500 scholarship to one graduating senior from each of the following organizations at high schools from the Alpine School District:

  • National Honors Society (NHS)
  • Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
  • DECA


In order to enter, students must submit a video to [email protected] by February 29, 2016.  Your video cannot exceed the length of 45 seconds and must address the prompt: “I am amazing because…”  We encourage submissions to be creative and professional.  Be sure to include your name, the name of your school, and which organization (DECA, NHS, or FBLA) you belong to at your school. Students may enter for each organization they belong to, but can only be awarded one scholarship from Nudge.  One video mentioning multiple clubs is sufficient.

So start brainstorming and creating your video!  We want to get to know you!

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Change for Charity Announcement

04 Nov Change for Charity

Attention Nudge Employees!  Nudge is holding a loose change drive for our November service project.  Band together with your coworkers because this is a competition between the departments.  Jars will be sitting in each department all month long, and updates of the competition will be made known periodically.

At the end of the competition the proceeds will go to the Community Action Food Bank in Provo, Utah.  We have sent employee volunteers to the Food Bank many times this year, so we are excited to raise funds for a local organization many of our employees are familiar with.  We will also donate the fleece blankets we will tie as a company to the Community Action Food Bank for our December service project.

So start collecting change!  Clean out nooks and crannies of your car.  Look under your couch cushions.  Cash in your tooth fairy earnings.  If we each give a little, together we can give a lot.

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Suck your blood drive main

31 Oct Be the Match and “Suck Your Blood” Drive

Nudge partnered with the BYU Cancer Awareness Group to host a Be The Match event. On the same day we partnered with the American Red Cross to host a Blood Drive. In the spirit of Halloween, we labeled it a “Suck Your Blood” Drive. We thought hosting these two events together would be a great way to involve a large number of our employees for our in-office October Day of Service. We even invited members of the community to participate.

Many people are familiar with the process and benefits of a Blood Drive, but few people are familiar with a Be The Match event. Be The Match works to find bone marrow donors. There is great need for donors; only 1 in every 540 potential donors end up being a match for patients needing a bone marrow transplant. Even if only one person who participated in our event is eligible to save a life, we will count this as a success. Our employees were given the opportunity to put their name on the list to be a bone marrow donor. We are proud to announce that about 50 of our employees put their name on the list! Then for the “Suck Your Blood” Drive, we donated 21 units of blood!

Thank you to our employees and members of the community that heard about the drive and came to donate. We are truly inspired by all those who were willing to take time out of their busy day to (literally) give of themselves to help others.

Be the Match edited

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October TR Collage

24 Oct Student of the Month—for Teachers!

Many schools have a Student of the Month program where students are honored for quietly being outstanding.  Here at Nudge, we decided it was time for the teachers and faculty to be honored.  Every month we honor two faculty members from five local high schools.  The teachers we recognize are nominated by their peers for being remarkable.  Every person we have honored finds a way to turn the ordinary into extraordinary.  Here are the amazing individuals we honored for the month of October.

Mountain View High School:

  • Denise Jensen: Registrar
  • Teresa Barney: Biology Teacher


Orem High School:

  • Cherie Almond: Receptionist
  • Nik Rice: English Teacher


Pleasant Grove High School:

  • Charlotte Elsey: EdNet Facilitator
  • Ken Ayers: English Teacher


Polaris High School:

  • Mindy Monson: English Teacher


Timpanogos High School:

  • Gina Breton: Student Advocate
  • Julie Shipp: Scholarship Advisor
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Oct 15 main

15 Oct Nudge’s Involvement with the Local High Schools

Nudge is a proud sponsor of many local high schools.  This past week brought many opportunities for us to further our involvement with the great local educational programs.  Here are the highlights from this week:

  • We honored two awesome faculty members at Provo High School: Laural Hill and Ty Robinson. Laural works in both the Main Office and Counseling Office at Provo High and is an invaluable asset to both teams.  Ty Robinson is a hardworking science teacher, loved by students and fellow classmates alike.  We presented both Laural and Ty with a certificate of achievement, a date night wallet, and a bag of Nudge gear to say thank you for being a force for good in the community.
  • Nudge hosted the annual Alpine School District Career and Technology Education (CTE) meeting. Teachers from schools around the school district came to collaborate at Nudge’s building in Lindon.  We were so excited to host these amazing teachers and administrators at out office building. We see great value in educating students in this field, so we are excited to show our support.
  • We sponsor Pleasant Grove High School Football. For this week’s game we provided Nudge gear for the cheerleaders to throw to the crowd during the game.  We love supporting these young athletes and their dedication to their team. Congratulations to the mighty Vikings on their 34-2 victory!

As an education company, we take advantage of every opportunity to promote and support education in our community.  Thank you to all those behind the scenes who helped this week’s events to run smoothly.

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Volleyball main edited 2

10 Oct Using Sports to Promote Cancer Awareness

Utah Valley University Athletics dubs one home game for each women’s sport a “Pink with a Purpose Game” in support of cancer awareness.  During the game they hand out special Pink with a Purpose t-shirts to the crowd and honor specific survivors.  This program is a great way to use sports to promote cancer awareness.

We had the opportunity to sponsor two Pink with a Purpose Games this month: women’s soccer and volleyball.  We handed out this year’s Pink with a Purpose t-shirts to the crowd at both games.  Clint Sanderson, an executive at Nudge, accepted the game ball at the volleyball game on October 1st, sporting one of the Pink with a Purpose shirts.  We then settled in to watch the mighty Lady Wolverines bump, set, and spike to victory in the name of cancer awareness.  Then on October 9th we sponsored the Women’s Soccer game.  A founder of Nudge, Ryan Poelman, was invited to kick the ceremonial first kick to start off the exciting game.  We were inspired by the way the all athletes played their best to show their support for cancer awareness.

This is the second year Nudge has sponsored the Utah Valley University Pink with a Purpose Games.  In the Nudge office, you can’t walk ten feet without running into an employee that has a family member or close friend who has battled cancer.  Because the cause is so personal to so many of our employees, we feel extremely privileged to sponsor the Pink with a Purpose Games at Utah Valley University.  Thank you to all those who made this experience possible.
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